Garden Beds


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Raised Garden Beds

What are the benefits of a raised garden bed?

  • Grow your own vegetables and save money
  • No Bending Required
  • Uses the “no dig” method
  • Foleys Raised Garden Beds sit on any surface
  • Available in a large range of sizes and colours
  • Foleys Raised Garden Beds come fully assembled

These are just some of the great benefits, so now you can be healthier and reduce your carbon foot print at the same time.



Round Garden Rings

Available heights:

  • 0.4m
  • 0.8m

Available diamtere:

  • 1.5m
  • 2m
  • 2.4m

Oval Garden Rings

Available in 0.4m height and 0.8m height

  • 1.5m long x 0.7m width
  • 2.2m long x 1m width
  • 3m long x 1.15m width

Specialty Shapes

The Shamrock, Square, Heart

How to fill your new raised garden bed

There are two ways:
1. Fill with a load of complete organic soil from a landscape supply yard
Layering “no-dig” method. Layer straw/hay with manures and composts eg. mushroom etc.
With the 0.8m high garden beds it is a good idea to fill the bottom 0.4m with either clean sand or general garden waste.


The recipe for a good compost is:
25% high nitrogen material such as raw manure and green legumes
35% green plants with lower nitrogen levels such as annual weeds, soft prunings, fresh lawn clippings and green herbs ie comfrey, borage, tansy.
35% high carbon materials such as straw woody mulch, dead leaves and paper
5% gritty material such as rock dust, bone dust, fresh wood as and compost from the last good batch.

How To Order

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