Water Tanks

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Rain Water Tank Products

Round Aquaplate Tanks

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Spacesaver Tanks

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Custom Tanks

Need a custom size tank? We’ve got you covered.

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Other Associated Rain Products

Leaf Strainers, Over Flow Fittings, Pressure Pumps, Town’s Mains, Connection Kits, Leafeaters, Rain Heads, Tank Outlets, Water Diverters and Tank Stands.

Other Products

Roofing Iron, Bull Nosing, Flashing to 2.4m Guillotine and Folding to 2mm x 2.4m, Rifle Safes and Tool Boxes.

What Tank Is Best For Me?

The tank size for you depends on how much water you will need. How much water you will need depends on a number of factors. Answering the below questions will determine which size is most suitable.

For home water use:

  • Will all your water needs be met by tank water or will/do you have access to additional town water?
  • How many people live at the residence?
  • How many bathrooms are there?
  • Do you have a swimming pool?
  • Do you have a dishwasher?
  • What type of washing machine do you own (top or front loader)?

Average Household Guide
4-5 people: 65000L minimum
2-3 people: 45000L minimum

For garden water use:

  • How big is your garden (a small allotment in an estate, a large rural block etc.)?
  • What type of garden do you have?
    • A vegetable garden requires more water than the average ornamental garden, and drought resistant plants will require less water than others.

Average Garden Guide

Small garden: minimum 3000L
Large garden: minimum 5000L


We recommend including this informationĀ in your initial order enquiry so that we can advise and move onto filling your order as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

How To Order

Use our contact page to phone or e-mail us to discuss your needs and create your order. If you aren’t sure what size tank(s) you will need, be sure to refer to the above section ‘Which tank is best for me?’ and include as much information as possible in your initial enquiry. We are happy to help advise the best size for your needs.