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Post-war Australia was a time of great industry. Desperate to shake the drudgery of wartime from their tired souls, Australians prospered under a booming economy and renewed energy. Home ownership became a central part of the Australian way of life, a lifestyle move that was enthusiastically encouraged by all as the way forward for Australia. Brighter futures and increased happiness were waiting in this culture of hard work and made-to-last. Foley’s Tanks is a business that was born in the heart of this new world.

Garry Foley had been a plumber since the age of 13. In the 1950s rainwater tank construction was a part of the job, and Garry manufactured them as needed on his own premises. The convenient highway-side location of his manufacturing shed (‘The Shed’, as it is creatively nicknamed) and demand for tanks meant orders were soon being made by other plumbers from around the Sunshine Coast.

Soon his two sons, Henry and Terry, were working at The Shed too and have been servicing the Sunshine Coast with their rainwater tank needs ever since. Later on, they also added in their range of raised garden beds too.

Foley’s Tanks is truly a generational legacy and family business that prides itself on quality and craftsmanship. You won’t be disappointed with your tank or garden beds!


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