Sunshine Coast Rainwater Tanks


Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: What size tank do I need for home use?

A: The tank size for you depends on how much water you will need. How much water you will need depends on a number of factors. For home water use these questions will determine which size is most suitable:
• Will all your water needs be met by tank water or will/do you have access to additional town water?
• How many people live at the residence?
• How many bathrooms are there?
• Do you have a swimming pool?
• Do you have a dishwasher?
• What type of washing machine do you own (top or front loader)?

Average Household Guide
4-5 people: 65000L minimum
2-3 people: 45000L minimum

Q: What size tank do I need for watering my garden?

A: The size of your tank depends on the water usage. These questions will determine which size is most suitable:
• How big is your garden (a small allotment in an estate, a large rural block etc.)?
• What type of garden do you have?
o A vegetable garden requires more water than the average ornamental garden, and drought resistant plants will require less water than others.

Average Garden Guide
Small garden:
Small with vegetable garden:
Large garden:
Large with vegetable garden:

Q: What kind of base do I need for a tank?

A: We recommend a concrete base. Concrete bases are durable under all weather conditions and lasts longer than other options – remember, our tanks have a twenty year warranty, so an equally long-lasting base is essential.

If a concrete slab is not an option, fine crusher dust that has been compacted and boxed (so that it won’t wash away causing tank damage in heavy rains) is also acceptable.

Q: How long will my Foley’s steel tank last?

A: 20 years minimum. Our Bluescope steel comes with a 20 year warranty, and we have a 5 year warranty on workmanship. You can read our testimonials page for proof of our long-lasting tanks and happy customers from the past 60 years of business!